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Design concept

Art and life
Artistic creation stems from the true experience of life. Nartree’s understanding of modern urban life is to be real. Luxury is never a pile of gorgeous colors, but an intimate design with every detail. Nartree is committed to providing stylish and elegant home products. With the artistic carving of craft products as the core, Nartree works hard for high-quality modern life.
Tradition and innovation
From simple to complicated, from whole to part, through Nartree’s products, you can feel the traditional historical traces and rich cultural heritage. We continue to use new materials, new processes and new designs to make every floor come from the individual need of customers. Besides, we let the design express the differences in individual needs, so that each product contains the past and refers to the future.
Origin and diversity
The diversity of styles, the diversity of forms, the diversity of materials, the diversification of the designer's self-personality, experience, and understanding all make up the variety of Nartree’s design today. The diversity of art is attributed to the authenticity of nature. Nartree retains the original texture, white edges and scars of each tree, so that these traces of growth of life can be preserved.
ADD:Wujin district, Changzhou city, Jiangsu province, China
Official account
Official account
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