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NARTREEJoin hands with world wood giants to break the ice of post epidemic industry

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In June 2020, Kastamonu group and nartree international home officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both sides have reached a high degree of consensus on the strategic direction of three-dimensional layout of Chinas diversified market ba…

In June 2020, Kastamonu group and nartree international home officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both sides have reached a high degree of consensus on the strategic direction of three-dimensional layout of China's diversified market based on the core advantages of wood manufacturing in the current Pan home furnishing field in China, and work together to develop the Chinese market together!

Kastamonu group will establish a factory front bonded warehouse in the three core radiation areas of the Chinese market. With strong manufacturing and supply capacity, Kastamonu will support the central operation mode of multi brand and fully closed product chain of nartree international home furnishings. In order to adapt to the rapidly changing and diversified Chinese market in the new era, Kastamonu group provides a stock of 160 original imported flooring with a total area of 500000 square meters in advance, which is the basic guarantee for the majority of distribution partners with low cost and high gain!

Nartree letree is jointly established by investors, product experts, senior designers and other professionals in Europe's Pan home furnishing industry. Through in-depth research on home living space, environment and mode, nartree obtains various needs of manpin's home lifestyle. Through the design and development of Pan home furnishing products, resource integration, brand co construction, etc., we have completed the creation and presentation of manpin's home lifestyle from the perspective of nature, art and ecology, and are committed to providing global consumers with home furnishing products and services needed by the diffuse living life.

As a core product of the brand center, nartree flooring has taken the lead in entering the Chinese market, conveying the concept of living in a casual way to Chinese consumers and advocating the living style. Leshu flooring is committed to the development and market operation of home building materials products with high-quality flooring as the core. It constantly uses new materials and new technologies, increases innovation investment, and always adheres to the innovative concept to create a floor system bearing the living style of the house as the brand inheritance spirit. With continuous development and joint construction of the industry, Leshu has completed the reconstruction of vertical resources of high-quality ground materials and multi categories, at the same time, it has improved the market operation and maintenance ability of the brand, and Leshu has shifted its strategic focus to the overall solution of all kinds of flooring materials. Leshu flooring is centered on the life of diffuse living, adhering to the development concept of nature, art and ecology, aiming to improve the home life style of Chinese consumers and improve the quality of domestic life of Chinese consumers, so as to become a unique manifester of manpin home life.

Kastamonu castomo is a leading enterprise in the global panel field. Founded in 1969, Kastamonu belongs to Hayat Hayat group, which was established in 1937. Kastamonu ranks among the top four in the European wood processing industry and the top seven in the world. Its overseas investment has been more than 20 years. The group has built 18 manufacturing plants in seven countries around the world, covering an area of 4 million square meters and a plant area of 900000 square meters. Focus on manufacturing MDF, particleboard, laminate, door panel and furniture board production, R & D and sales, responsible for 6% of the global laminate production. With an annual production capacity of 5 million cubic meters, it has been exported to more than 130 countries around the world. It has contributed to the comfortable life through high-quality, innovative, trustworthy and environmental protection products.

In 1999, Kastamonu researched and developed high-performance laminate products through new technologies, and created a full range of floorpan brand laminate product line, with an annual global sales volume of more than 200 million square meters. In 2014, Kastamonu invested 400 million euro to build the world's largest laminate and MDF plant in Russia. It has the manufacturing capacity of the whole industrial chain of laminates, with an annual capacity of no less than 35 million square meters, making it the largest single factory in Europe.

Kastamonu works closely with FSC to produce innovative, high-quality, environment-friendly and humanized products through the use of 100% sustainable and recycled raw materials and the principle of green environmental protection. It has been certified by many international authorities: EU CE, German Rhine TUV, German blue angel, American carb2 environmental protection, German Eph antibacterial system certification.

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