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Acetree is not only a brand, but also a kind of concept.
Focus on life aesthetics, deconstruct and integrate space, unify art and modern life, and extend the dimension of living life.
Pay attention to people's needs and feelings, create a comfortable living environment, and show humanity for nature.
Follow your heart and find the true self. Get close to nature, explore the essence of life, and enjoy a comfortable living life. Get close to nature, explore the essence of life, and enjoy a comfortable living life.
Trees allow us to feel the vitality of our home with breath and temperature. We don't think any industrial product can have a more homely atmosphere than wood products.
A visible sign of Quality
Industry 4.0-All categories by professional production
With professional production and integration of all categories, each product comes from the hands of the industry's most experienced masters. Classics and innovations come from tireless pursuit of high quality.Through the continuous integration of information and modern industry, Nartree follows the development of the industry 4.0 Production mode closely .
Healthy, environmentally-friendly ans sustainable
Human and nature, human and art, people and trees. Nartree always upholds the concept of health and environmental protection, sustainable use of natural resources, and provides consumers with an international one-stop living home products and service.
F2C high-quality products direct to consumers
High-quality products and competitive prices come from efficient business model. We are only 1 km from the factory to consumers.
Full network coverage, service-oriented
With various store models and continuous development and improvement of Internet channels, we have many efficient vertical terminals, and then can provide accurate and perfect customer service.
ADD:Wujin district, Changzhou city, Jiangsu province, China
Official account
Official account
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