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Our love of nature.
Our concept of ECO-HOME.

With the motto of "Symbiosis between humans and nature", Nartree is committed to improvements
in environmental responsibility, healthy living and social ethics.

Guaranteed sustainable
The PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes provides a guarantee for the sustainable use of natural resources by humans. Acetree only purchases PEFC certified raw materials, regards environmental protection as the main line throughout product design and development. The comprehensive environmental protection concept from the source to the after-sales has established Nartree's rigorous green industrial chain. As the saying goes, take from nature and return to nature Nartree brings the truth of trees and the beauty of nature to thousands of households with the concept of ecological and environmental protection .
Resource efficiency and low Emissions
Let the low-carbon concept come first. Reasonable use of resources, energy saving and emission reduction run through Nartree's entire production and operation activities. With environmentally friendly production technology and reasonable recycling of wood, Nartree produces  tried-and-tested home living products under the condition of persistent use of resources and low carbon emissions.

Healthy living
Clean, uncontaminated room air is vital for health, well-being and a high quality of life. All of our products are far higher than the EU standards and suitable for floor heating and healthy home living. This is Nartree. Once you decide to adopt healthy building materials, you have taken a big step towards personal health.
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Official account
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