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The floor should be delivered to the customer's home 48 hours before paving.Before paving, make sure that the temperature and humidity of the floor and the room are compatible with each other.
Check the moisture content of the ground and the flatness of the ground, which must meet the pavement standard, and then remove the dust on the ground to ensure that the ground is clean, dry, stable, and smooth, and then brush the wall.
Carry out pre-paving and lay out the floor to design the most reasonable pavement pattern.
Lay mute pads and moisture-proof pads to improve foot comfort and moisture-proof functions to ensure the effect and quality of use after paving.
Judge the direction of floor laying according to the direction of the floor slot. Pave starts from the wall of the room, fix the special cushion on the wall in the starting direction and pave it according to a specific pattern (different patterns have different loss, generally 5%).
After the floor is finished, install baseboards around the wall, and install baseboards with a height of 80mm-100mm and a thickness of 12mm-15mm at the contact area between the lower edge of the wall and the floor. Fix it on the wall with screws or gun nails. The gap between the baseboard and the door frame is ≤2mm; the gap between the baseboard is ≤1mm; the gap between the baseboard and the floor surface should be in the range of 3mm to 5mm; the height difference of the baseboard buckle should be ≤1mm.
Walk back and forth on the floor, especially pay attention to the acceptance of the wall and door openings. If you find a sound, repeat the walk to determine the specific location of the sound, and then make a mark and remove the resurfacing.
The door buckle should be installed directly under the door, and the installation should be stable. It is advisable to leave no edges after closing the door. The gap between the buckle and the bottom of the door is between 3mm-7mm, and the door can be opened and closed freely.
Proactively contact the customer for inspection and acceptance, and then explain the floor maintenance knowledge to the customer after acceptance.
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