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5S Service
Professional shopping guide:

Each shopping guide accepts the company's professional product training and has a very high degree of professionalism for the product. Our shopping guides should be enthusiastic, patient, and customer-oriented. With the principle of finding the most suitable products for customers, We are working hard to provide customers with the best cost-effective experience.

Professional construction: 

Installation counts. High-quality installation team and standardized solutions are important components of Nartree’s 5S service. Nartree’s Flooring has a unified standardized construction plan of the company. The construction team is strictly required to implement the plan and pay attention to details to ensure that the customer's products are installed safely.

Professional maintenance: 

Floor maintenance is a detail that is easily overlooked by each family. Nartree’s maintenance service makes every customer feel at ease.

Customer profiles: 

Every customer is an important part of Nartree. Nartree will archive customers to better provide after-sales service for customers. Nartree welcomes customer consultation at any time, and every staff of Nartree will actively respond.

Regular return visit:

Every product is the best advertisement of Nartree  and customer satisfaction is our success. Nartree will pay regular visits to each customer and sort out the customer feedback information.

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Official account
Official account
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