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Strict quality inspection standards:
Raw material inspection:
Every raw material of Nartree meets the national standard inspection before being put into production.
Inspection at every key point in the production process:
Nartree arranges inspections at specific key points in the production process to ensure product quality from beginning to end.
Packaging inspection:
Before packed into the storage, Nartree has a professional inspection line, each piece of floor is strictly inspected by the inspector and then packed into the warehouse.
Finished product inspection:
Every batch of finished flooring produced by Nartree will go through a random inspection by a third-party department to ensure that the floor that customers get is in strict compliance with national standards.
CNC precision:
Nartree flooring adopts advanced production line, and the ultra-high equipment precision can reduce each error to within 0.1mm, which can ensure the perfect effect of floor paving and enhance the comfort of customers' lives.
Technique details:
Nartree has unique requirements for every detail of the product process. Colors, raw materials, lock systems, edge profiling etc. Countless details ensure the quality of Nartree’s products.
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Official account
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