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Brand training

Many people are running brands, but have not thought about the most basic question: What is a brand? Why do you want to be a brand, and how do you become a brand? It is not just to design a LOGO, print two pictures to become a brand. Nartree will give you a professional brand.

Terminal SI training

Terminal SI is the first and most direct way to obtain a pleasant customer experience. Nartree extensively collects and studies international marketing high-end cases and integrates it into Nartree's professional system to form Nartree's unique "field", which makes Nartree Terminal SI stand out in the fiercely competitive market.

Marketing training

Nartree aims to become a marketing-oriented brand. The market is not limited to the publicity of the publicity. Market planning can reflect the internal strength of a brand. Market design is closely related to the brand’s strategic direction, strategic goals, and strategic aesthetics. The market concept allows you to improve your professionalism.

Sales training

Due to the fierce market competition and the arrival of industry bottlenecks, traditional single store channels have been unable to adapt to today's environment. Multi-channel development model came into being. Nartree team deeply studied the industry B2C multi-channel model, explored in the market., developed a variety of Nartree's unique channel programs, and face-to-face sales practical skills, to achieve a variety of innovative value enhancement.

Installation training

Floor products are three-point products and seven-point installation. Installation technology is critical to the quality of floor paving and using life. Professional technology pavement is the basis to ensure the use effect of the floor and prolong the life of the floor. Nartree reorganized the international installation specifications, improved professional skills, and provided customers with international standard floor installation services.

After-sale training

Customers are the best advertising for the brand. The after-sales service system is one of the most important systems in floor sales. High-quality service will bring unexpected traffic resources because of your good reputation. Nartree provides you with professional after-sales service training, subdivision of service nodes, and detailed explanation of node solutions, so that customers can become your largest advertising service providers.

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